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24 July 2020


Title VIII – Foreign Service Institute, Section 57 of the RA 7157 states the functions of the FSI as follows: “The Institute, through its academic, training, research, information, publication, systems development and other programs, shall serve as the center for the development and professionalization of the career corps of the foreign service of the Department and other government agencies which. [...] Receipt of the 5 Administrative Aide Letter to the Foreign official letter of Minutes Office of the Service Institute requesting agency Director-General None 1.1 Review of the Training Specialist Carlos P. [...] Provide the the Memorandum of memorandum of Agreement or Letter agreement or letter with Conforme for with conforme to the Implementation the requesting of training program agency submit to the Institute to signed 2.1 Receive the the MOA memorandum of Training Specialist Carlos P. [...] Receive the Submit Evaluation Evaluation from the Training Specialist Form participant Office of the Director-General 15 None 10.1 Issue the Minutes Training Specialist Certificate to the Carlos P. [...] If approved, 2 Hours Office of the submit to the Office Director-General of the Director- General for approval Administrative Aide 30 Office of the 4.



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