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20 May 2021


SUMMARY ON THE COMMUNITY OUTREACH DIVISION'S INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY COMMUNITIES OUTREACH DIVISION’s INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY The new international strategy for Communities Outreach Division was developed to expand the scope of the programme from education, health and capacity building to entrepreneurship, innovation and Islamic finance. [...] To achieve the P5P and fulfil the IsDB’s ambition in this rapidly technologically changing world, it is important to find innovative solutions to enhance the IsDB’s support to Muslim minority communities in NMCs and to build collaboration with global partners in a number of NMCs. [...] The following reasons provide why it is important to drive IsDB’s activity in non-member countries: - Support the people of the Ummah across the world - Show IsDB is playing leadership role in the global community - Build new innovative, collaborative partnerships with globally recognized institutions - Leverage capital from private sector to plug the funding gap - Contribute to the strength and c. [...] - Growing youth populations - Hostility to refugees and rise of right-wing groups - Fear or ignorance of Islam - Migration crisis - Push for women’s rights The objective of the International Strategy is: The objective of the Strategy is to enhance the socio-economic development of the Muslim minority communities in non-member countries in a way that helps them to be productive citizens in their co. [...] The above provides the sense of direction that the Bank needs to go from the traditional model of Special Operations/Communities Outreach, focusing on schools building to empowering communities through education, innovation, entrepreneurship and Islamic Finance, i.e, enabling people to fulfil their potential for their society and their economy and focusing on young people, women and refugees.



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