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Dimensions of the New Diaspora: African Immigrant Communities & Organizations in New York, Washingto

27 May 2021


What is the capacity of organizations currently serving African immigrants? What are the strengths and the challenges of different organizational models in meeting the needs of this constituency? In February 2012, I conducted in-person and telephone interviews with 13 officers, employees, and former employees of ten organizations that work with African immigrants in the New York, Washington, D. [...] A Profile of African Immigrants in the United States Who are the immigrants who make up the new African diaspora in America? In this Part, I track the changing nature of African migration to America, which is driven by changes in both US policy and changing conditions on the African continent. [...] African Immigration to the US In the century following the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, levels of African immigration to the US were low. [...] The racial composition of South African immigrants, who make up 7% of all African immigrants to the US, inverts the racial composition of the rest of Africa: over 80% of South African immigrants in the US are white, while only 10% are black.28 Several other African birthplaces send large numbers of Asians to the US, including Kenya (12%) and three birthplaces not appearing in Table 3: Tanzania (38. [...] Meanwhile, only 21% of black African immigrants have been in the US that long.33 Blacks make up 91% of African immigrants who have been in the US for 5 years or fewer, but only 70% of African immigrants who have been in the US over 15 years.34 This is significant because it means that African immigrants who have lived in the US the longest—and are most likely to have advanced economically35—are di.


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