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Does Where I Live Affect Whether I Apply? The Contextual

12 September 2016


DATA AND METHODS As the agency in charge of administering DACA, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) periodically releases data on the application process.9 These data are informative, especially in terms of painting gen- eral portraits about the number of applications submitted nationally and rates of acceptance and denial. [...] DOES WHERE I LIVE AFFECT WHETHER I APPLY? 711 old and new — that have registered with the IRS that serves the needs of ethnic and immigrant groups.14 We then use the count to create two mea- sures of density: the ratio of the total population in a state to the number of organizations in the state and the ratio of the total foreign-born population in a state to the number of organizations. [...] The results remain unchanged when evaluating immigrant-serving CBOs by their count, the ratio of organizations to the foreign-born population in a state, as well as by the ratio of organizations to the estimated undocu- mented population in a state. [...] The advantage of this method is that it collapses each of the variables in the multivariate analysis into a single dimension in the form of a propensity score. [...] In this way, the study gets below the surface of the broad picture of regulariza- tion programs to understand the multiple and often hierarchical influences that make up the critical decision to apply.

Center for Comparative Immigration Studies