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EU request for advice on developing appropriate lists for Descriptor 3, commercially exploited fish and shellfish, for reporting by EU Member States under MSFD Article 17 in 2024

15 April 2021


ICES reviewed the lists of commercially exploited fish and shellfish used by MSs in their 2018 MSFD Article 17 reporting under D3 and proposes the addition (or expansion of the geographical reporting) of 52 species to the list of commercially exploited fish and shellfish (ReferenceList D3) for the 2024 MSFD reporting cycle. [...] The Workshop to Review and Progress the Reported Lists of EU MSFD Descriptor 3 (WKD3Lists; ICES, 2020a) describes the mismatch in scale and resolution of the international data, assessments and MRUs established under the MSFD; therefore, pragmatic solutions need to be identified. [...] Standardisation of the overall approach to developing lists of commercially exploited species to be reported in the 2024 MSFD reporting cycle ICES advises that, for EU Member States (MSs) considering MSFD Descriptor 3 (D3) lists for reporting, standardisation and clear guidance from the EC on the overall approach to be taken in 2024 reporting are prerequisites to delivering the coordination sought. [...] These ranged from reporting on all species/stocks referred to in the Specifications and standardised methods for monitoring and assessment of Decision 2017/848 for the MSFD (sub)region within which the MRU is located to reporting only on species/stocks that are under national fishing pressure within the MRU of the reporting MS (EU, 2017). [...] The workshop report, the peer review of the report undertaken by independent experts, and the deliberations of the ICES Advice Drafting Group and the ICES Advisory Committee form the basis of this advice.



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