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EU request to ICES on the assessment of a new rebuilding plan for western horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) in ICES Subarea 8 and divisions 2.a, 4.a, 5.b, 6.a, 7.a–c, and 7.e–k

26 April 2021


• ICES is furthermore requested to assess whether the plan is consistent with the objectives to ensure stock recovery and bringing the biomass above sustainable levels within the indicated timeframes, and whether it is consistent with the maximum sustainable yield objectives of the CFP. [...] Given the continued estimates of low stock size and recognizing that the risk to Blim in the short term will remain above the precautionary 5% threshold, the focus group evaluated candidate harvest rules on the basis of proposing a rebuilding plan. [...] The realized F remains below the FMSY target in the long term (2031–2040) due to a combination of the TAC constraint when the stock is larger than Btrigger and the steep reduction in F when the stock is between Btrigger and Blim. [...] In certain times of the year, for the purposes of the scientific assessment, the divisions between the Western and North Sea horse mackerel stocks change. [...] When the stock (SSB) is estimated to be above Bpa in the assessment year, the TAC shall be fixed with a fishing mortality equal to FMSY (0.074), subject to the constraint that the change in TAC compared to the current (assessment) year does not exceed 20%.