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Pacific Economic Monitor - PREPARING FOR RECOVERY

14 December 2020


The crises in the mid-1990s and 2008–2009 helped surpluses allowed for the creation and buildup of fiscal buffers in the Government of the Cook Islands to enhance the resilience of the stabilization fund, which reached 11.4% of GDP in FY2020. [...] The social assistance programs of the government (3.7% of the Kiribati working population of 28,158) have been came in the form of financial support to students and other citizens affected, with 69% working in the domestic market and 31% working stranded overseas. [...] The spike in demand for in the COVID-19 Response Plans of Kiribati and Tuvalu these food items led to the skyrocketing of prices, to the disadvantage % of those with meager incomes. [...] The previous issue of the Pacific Economic Monitor explored the The governments of Kiribati and Tuvalu can further improve their near-term economic outlook of the Federated States of Micronesia response packages and address fiscal sustainability issues surrounding (FSM) and the Marshall Islands amid the COVID-19 pandemic. [...] Report and Recommendation of the Grant to the Republic of the Marshall Islands for the Health Expenditure and President to the Board of Directors: Proposed Countercyclical Support Facility Livelihoods Support Program.



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