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19 February 2021


The aim of the government was to increase the potential to run businesses in the state, which in turn would help the growth of the state’s economy. [...] The index assesses the quality of the public service; the quality of civil servants or its human resources; the quality of public policies generated and implemented; and the degree by which political intervention takes place in the bureaucracy. [...] The study findings suggest that, despite having constitutional recognition of the establishment of a strong and independent local-government system, the political leadership of Bangladesh has initiated different reforms to bring changes to the structure of the LGIs in the name of decentralization. [...] A ward shobha (meeting) should consist of the persons in the voter list of the respective ward and have a quorum of 5% (one-twentieth) of the voters in the ward. [...] The function of the SSC is supervisory and they monitor the implementation of the LGSP-II schemes, along with giving advice to the WC in the implementation of the project.


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