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Getting into the Game - Understanding the evidence for child-focused Sport for Development

24 May 2021


For each of these areas, the report sheds light on the strengths of child-focused S4D initiatives, the main challenges faced by the S4D sector, and recommendations for practitioners, policymakers and researchers to consider when designing and implementing programmes to improve the lives and well-being of children and young people. [...] The team is also grateful to both the UNICEF regional and country office colleagues who made time in their busy schedules to provide details of their S4D programming, and to the representatives of the many organizations and initiatives around the world who took the time to complete the Sport for Development Programming Survey and the UNICEF Country Office Sport for Development Survey. [...] In 2017 with the joint ambition of harnessing the power of sport and play to improve children’s lives, the Barça Foundation and UNICEF expanded their strategic direction to include initiatives designed to build the body of global knowledge on S4D and demonstrate the need for greater understanding of evidence on child- focused S4D. [...] It will do so by, This speaks to the importance of directly addressing among other things: developing and undertaking Phase risks and of striking the right balance between the 2 of the research; supporting the work of the Sport for amount of sport and the amount of personal and social G E T T I N G I N T O T H E G A M E 9 Development for Children Working Group1; and further The outputs of this rep. [...] The report also goals, the scope of research in this field needs to be called for data disaggregation to increase the more practical, evidence-informed and focused, as well representativeness and precision of the evidence, and as include the voice of participants and programmes.

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