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21 September 2020


Questions of international security This lack of awareness is understandable: are rarely on the top of the political agenda cyberspace is the domain of ambiguity, where or make headlines, and world public opinions it is impossible to understand and anticipate the do not seem very much concerned about the motivation and the scope of a cyber campaign resurgence of the Great Power Competition or with. [...] of the networks, information systems and IT At the same time, the recent changes to the services of public administrations, of private so-called ‘Golden Power’ will also indirectly and public entities and operators that have an have a significant impact on the security of 5G office within the national territory, on which the networks. [...] This will be achieved, on the one subjected to the power of veto and to the hand, by imposing the obligation to all private power of imposing specific requirements and and public operators included within the conditions also to the conclusion of contracts or ‘National Cybersecurity Perimeter’, to adopt agreements concerning the purchase of goods the security measures developed, depending or servic. [...] To this end, the by the provision, will also have to carry out an discipline further specifies that the elements activity of risk assessment, verification of the indicating the presence of vulnerabilities, that The Geopolitics of 5G ISPI | 22 COMMENTARY could compromise the integrity and security obtain a similar result to that of these actors, not of the networks and data passing through being ab. [...] approach, as to provide on the legal level Therefore, it is evident that, even in the that national companies who want to use the absence of a specific strategy for the security 5G technologies of non-European suppliers of 5G networks, through the joint use of the considered unsafe must be subjected to a ‘Golden Power’ and of the activities of the series of strict requirements for their use, CVCN,.