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SPECIAL - India’s Vaccine Rollout: A Reality Check

31 May 2021


What ensued was a blame A number of states have issued global tenders game between the Centre and the States on the even as they halted the vaccination drives for one hand, and the vaccine manufacturers, on the 18-45-year-old citizens due to lack of supplies, but other. [...] In addition to the 194 million doses supplied to the Centre to date (supplies of the order placed in end-April will continue till useful is the optimal use of targeted vaccination end-July), 66 million doses were exported.13 drives in high population-density areas; as well as drive-in vaccination camps that will be announced In the third week of April, the Centre finally in advance. [...] By January 2021, percent of all the vaccines produced in the first the European Union (EU) had secured more than quarter of 2021 in the United States (US) and 2.3 billion doses of vaccines,25 enough to cover Europe were administered on populations within the entire population of the region. [...] Delaying the opening up of vaccination to all of the 18-44 age category‚ÄĒ and India‚Äôs lack of planning became fodder for global instead targeting the high-risk categories within discussion due to the sheer scale of the second the group, when supply of sufficient doses could wave that hit the country. [...] 12 Next Steps A n effective response to the pandemic requires a three-pronged approach: (a) treatment of the affected population; (b) tracking and slowing the spread of the virus; and (c) protection of the rest of the population who are 2.


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