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9 - The Danger of ADOS: How Disinformation Campaigns Threaten Reparations and Pan-African Movements

14 June 2021



the term ADOS is a legal marker co-founder of the Republic of that would make reparations finally New Afrika and founder of the The implications of digital attainable in the United States due Reparations Committee for the media-amplified disinformation to its ‘specificity’ for the African- Descendants of American Slaves campaigns targeting Black activist American justice claim. [...] Minneapolis, not the train and increase the speed labor and that the country owed even the federal government. [...] The most serious flaw in During a 2019 speech, West limiting the deserving groups repeated the talking points of This engagement helped boost is that the authors’ plan ignores ADOS, minimising slavery and its the national platform of the first the history of enslavement impact on the Caribbean, stating: pillar of ADOS legitimacy, Duke in the United States, which University professor Dr William ext. [...] Carnell, Moore and The practice of slavery in both Carnell and others have been Darity partnered on promoting the places was intimately bound trying to zero in on the varieties ADOS ideology through forums together, even after the US of Blackness in the United won its independence from and publications. [...] The volume aims to understand how student movements comprehend and articulate demands for the process of decolonization and Africanization of the curriculum, their transformative effect on the university and the role that a decolonized and African univer- sity should play in South African society’s pursuit of freedom.