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Report of the Special Committee against Apartheid.


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During the consideration by the Security Council of the grave situation in southern Africa on 6 February 1986, the Acting Chairman of the Special Committee expressed deep concern at the support being given by the United States of America to UNITA and called upon the United States to refrain from supporting insurgencies assisted by the racist regime. [...] He strongly condemned the declaration of the state of en,ergency and the mass detentions and warned th~ IJretuo: ia r~gime that unless it entered into a dialogue with the true representatives of the oppressed people for the elimination of apartheid and the establishment of a free, democratic and non-racidl South Africa, there would be no peace and o. Itability in South Africa. [...] On 18 July 1986, the Chairman of the Special Committee issued a sta~ement on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the entry into force of the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (General Assembly resolution 1068 (XXVIII), annex). [...] He urged the Administration to pay heed to the wishes of the majority of South Africans and the inter~ational community and to impose sanctions against the racist regime. [...] Responding to his statement, the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations sent a letter to the Chairman explaining that the purpose of the meeting of the Foreign Minister of Japan with the Foreign Minister of South Africa was to indicate Japan's position that unless things changed for the better in South Africa, it would have no choice but to tak~ additiuna1 steps against Pretoria.


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