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end - Must read - Everything You Need to Know About the Israeli Government

3 June 2021


The unfortunate truth is that much of the vio- lence stemmed from the reaction to the creation of the State of Israel. [...] The sons and daughters It is now our generationā€™s turn to speak our truth: Nei- of the Ethiopian Jewish community, airlifted out of Africa ther the millions of us here in the United States nor our by Israel in the 1980s, are reaching the Knesset and the Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel are going anywhere. [...] Luria, 1534-1572): He says that the mitzvah of Bikkurim, the offering of the first fruits in the Temple, is a tikkun, Throughout their 40 years in the desert, the people or rectification, of that grave sin, and the perfect coun- of Israel were described as a stiff-necked people, and terpoint to the acts described in the portion. [...] the farmer in the Temple recites a formula recounting When 10 of the 12 scouts return from Canaan with a report the history of coming to the land flowing with milk and of a fruitful land flowing with milk and honey, but heavi- honey, showing his appreciation and trust in Hashem, ly fortified and populated by giants and powerful people and gratitude for bringing him to the place promised to against. [...] And the Sages tell us that the very day the people The fleshpots of the Diaspora can never substitute for received the scoutsā€™ report was the Ninth of Av, estab- the place that God has bestowed to us through our an- lished for all time as a date of mourning and sadness.