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end - Must read - In Brooklyn, It’s a Loud, Wide- open Race to Succeed a Tainted

10 June 2021


Several of the candidates have switched be- tween the Democratic and Republican parties, and parts So when Chaim Deutsch won the district in 2013, it was of the district voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump a major coup for the Orthodox Jewish community there, in the 2020 election. [...] “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music and lyr- ics for the exuberant Broadway musical “In the Heights.” In a 2020 exhibit, “Refuge in the Heights,” the Leo Baeck 6 THE NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK JUNE 11, 2021 Institute in Manhattan recalled how the neighborhood “What’s wonderful about it,” Miranda told The Jewish in the shadow of the George Washington Bridge was, Week during t. [...] In fact, if you took as president of the Hebrew Publishing Company and all the students in the Hasidic schools, it would be the chairman of the Reconstructionist Foundation, a found- second largest public school district in the state of New ing organization of what today is Reconstructing Juda- York, bigger than Buffalo, the second largest after New ism. [...] “This has impressive dairy output?” He then waxed eloquent on enabled him to discount the liberal attitudes and voting the subject and had an aide display a chart on the wall trends of non-Orthodox American Jews and not think of 14 THE NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK JUNE 11, 2021 the impact of a few of his policies on the relationship.” When the crowd at the march got to be too much, we to. [...] For Muslims, Jews represented a rejection of Muhammad’s message, THE VIEW FROM CAMPUS and so the conversion of the Jews, and the affirmation of Islam, was a constant goal.


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