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Question and Answer (Q&A) Annual Giving Digital Fundraising RFP# AG001

11 June 2021


Q: Would we be able to receive FTP access to your current website? A: We will not be providing as part of this process. [...] Q: Are there services you would like to receive from your digital fundraising partner that you are not receiving today? What do you appreciate most about your current partner? What are unmet needs you have identified if any? A: We are not disclosing information about our existing vendor. [...] Q: What is your ideal account structure to best serve your program? A: We are open to various account structures that will maximize the efficiency of the team. [...] Q: What are your revenue goals for the upcoming year? Are there any other relevant goals that you can share that we should be aware of? A: Firms selected to interview stage will have access to additional information upon signature and acceptance of a non-disclosure agreement. [...] Q: Do you have a reporting dashboard that tracks revenue across multiple platforms? If yes, can you describe the services or systems you use to ingest, store, and visualize that data? A: We currently use Raiser’s Edge as our CRM platform and our Systems and Analytics team uses Power BI to create various dashboards to visualize our various acquisition and retention metrics.