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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS RFP No. KN005/2021 Service Provider M e d

16 June 2021


Any violation of the Code of Ethics should be reported to CI via its Ethics Hotline at Concerns regarding the integrity of the procurement process and documents shall be reported to under the procurement and purchasing activities. [...] Evaluation and Basis for Award An award will be made to the offeror whose proposal is determined to be responsive to this solicitation document, meets the eligibility criteria stated in this RFP, meets the technical capability requirements, and is determined to represent the most advantageous to CI. [...] Nature of agreements on payment of the panel of providers ( credit or cash pay and seek reimbursement) Full disclosure on waiting periods, exclusions and member eligibility to join the cover. [...] The plan is expected to provide: The Medical inpatient and outpatient cover on premium per member as per schedule of staff ( to be provided upon request) Dental, Optical and Maternity benefits Full disclosure of waiting periods and member eligibility for the cover. [...] For guidance please refer to the tabulation below which provides the minimum requirements for the cover but should not be understood to be the limit.