⋄ 7 - Reparations, Knowledge and the Decolonial University1
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⋄ 7 - Reparations, Knowledge and the Decolonial University1

14 June 2021



at the Institute of the Black World in in the Euro-American model of (Rodney 1990: 112–113) the 1970s, along with her generation the university with its assumption of scholars, including Sterling We can conclude, therefore, that the of the control of knowledge. [...] In other words, have tended to be linked to the Studies as representing not just the an innovative field is no longer to advancement, maintenance and archipelagic islands but also the innovate again or move out of a acceptance of the culture of the circum-Caribbean and the Caribbean colonised status in the academy. [...] Cornell University’s Africana of all, every discipline in the The faculty responses were Studies, for example, the founding current university context needs overwhelmingly favourable and we unit in the field, is emblematic of minimally a counter-discourse were pleased that, in a department the inability of the field to move (internal and external) represented which included a vibrant body of outsi. [...] University of the West Indies, we in the United States and Europe Caribbean Studies is often a drop can begin to imagine and create the rather than the exportation of in the academic ocean and rejected decolonial university. [...] As we have a past of dignity and legendary indicated above, the knowledge greatness, and on the other, the My range of suggested reparative starkness of the initial history possibilities include: generated in Caribbean Studies should be one of the key themes of dispossession and economic • Going back in history to reclaim or concentrations of Black Studies difficulty, brought on sometimes an origi.

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