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2020-2021 Oxford College Catalog

25 January 2021


The award recipient is determined in the spring by the English faculty with the approval of the other members of the Division of Humanities. [...] Among the centers for specialized research and study at Emory are the Institute for the Liberal Arts, the Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, the Carter Center, the Rollins Center for Church Ministries, the Emory Center for International Studies, the Center for Research in Faith and Moral Development, the Center for Ethics in Public Policy and the Professions, and the Michael C. [...] The grade for both the original course and the second instance of the repeated course will appear on the transcript. [...] Students with Accommodations Students who receive the “flexibility in attendance” accommodation through the Department of Accessibility Services (DAS) are required to establish a mutually agreeable total number of allowed absences by the end of the second week of class each semester, or within one week of receipt of their accommodations letter if such letter is received after the start of the seme. [...] At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing office shall decide whether to uphold the involuntary withdrawal or whether to reconsider, and the student shall be provided written notice of the officer’s decision as soon as possible.



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