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3 March 2021


of Goizueta Business School Executive Order establishing the and staff committed making her the first person of first President’s Committee on to strengthening 1996 color and first woman to assume Civil Rights. [...] She is the first Black A wave of civil unrest rises in a Black MBA chapter of the most prestigious fellowship. [...] Professor Jeff Goizueta joins the Consortium join and the first female trustee, people while the global COVID-19 Rosensweig is their faculty Emory University is officially for Graduate Studies in Black or otherwise, to chair the Goizueta graduates its first Black pandemic shines a brighter light advisor and has remained so for desegregated in September of Management, one of the nation’s board’s Au. [...] The discrimination in public places, demands lead to the creation of providing for integration of Goizueta graduates its first Black The Coca-Cola Company. [...] Minorities (also known as the President’s Commission on Race 2017 and Ethnicity) to address issues of racism and discrimination The BBA Program establishes 1966 at Emory University and to the Goizueta Black Student 2021 encourage the recruitment and Association, which is a formal At the height of the Civil Rights retention of minority faculty.