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8 June 2021


FINANCE Finance encompasses a wide range of issues including micro-investment theory, economics of uncertainty, the role of financial markets and institutions, the regulation of financial products, firms and markets, the theory of the firm, and corporate governance. [...] The student fails to meet the instructor's minimum performance expectations In Progress (IP) The course work is incomplete but there is a specific plan to complete the work in progress within 12 months of the start date of the course. [...] 24 Failing to Meet the Continuation Standards If a student fails to meet the above continuation standards, the following will occur: • Exclusion from the program: S/he is immediately excluded from the program and will receive a letter confirming this status and outlining the information and next steps below. [...] • The bill is sent directly to the student’s employer, and thus the employer must agree to make all payments at the beginning of the 3rd party billing arrangement. [...] Require the student to borrow additional funds for the length of time these provisions are applicable The university will require students to provide the following documents to be considered a “covered individual”: • An official “Certificate of Eligibility”, or “Statement of Benefits” from the VA website or ebenefits [Chapter 33] or a VAF 28-1905 [Chapter 31] on or before the first day of class fo.

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