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Growing Up in Ireland: Social-Emotional and Behavioural Outcomes in Early Adolescence

9 March 2021


There is wide variation in the age of onset, and the influence of the timing of puberty on adolescent social and emotional well-being has been the focus of considerable research. [...] hoW arE 13-yEar-oLdS FariNG iN tErmS oF thEir SoCiaL, EmotioNaL aNd BEhaviouraL dEvELoPmENt? In relation to the first research question, the findings tell us that the majority of 13-year-olds in Ireland were faring well, with no significant difficulties; 88 per cent of the 13-year-olds had scores within the typical1 range on the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ), a commonly used scree. [...] In terms of stress, 80 per cent of the adolescents were categorised as normal, 7 per cent were in the mild range, 7 per cent in the moderate range, and 5 per cent in the severe to very severe range. [...] The second iteration of the My World Survey published in 2019 indicated increases in levels of symptoms experienced by adolescents in Ireland: 60 per cent of adolescents displayed ‘normal’ symptoms of depression (compared with 70% in MWS1), 11 per cent were in the mild range,4 15 per cent in the moderate range and 15 per cent in the severe or very severe range (compared with 11%, 11% and 8% respec. [...] 28 Chapter 1 • introduction and outlinE 1.4 thE PrESENt Study The present study seeks to describe the social, emotional and behavioural outcomes of 13-year-olds in Ireland, to examine continuity and change in their outcomes from 9 to 13 years, and to examine the factors which are associated with increases or decreases in difficulties from 9 to 13 years.



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