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15 July 2019


THE EELC IN COURT The EELC launched litigation on behalf with scholar transport by 1 April 2018, In addition, the provincial departments of EE in the Pietermaritzburg High Court and to report to the court by this date of education and transport conducted on 28 March 2017 against the MEC for on the status of provincial scholar a province-wide assessment of scholar Education, the MEC for Transport,. [...] Following the hearing, EE and its than 5 years of the community struggling intervened as friend of the court in legal team went to witness the judge against efforts to evict them from their a case concerning the eviction of a inspecting the property, and the EELC school, the decision of the Supreme public primary school on private land filed a detailed note describing the Court of Appeal resolved. [...] making body in Equal Education, the and to engage with the future of the national congress adopts resolutions movement and with the three years The EELC was honoured to be part of to guide the movement over the next that have passed since the previous this critical moment in the movement’s three years, and elects is national council, national congress. [...] the EELC along with EE and SPII held PRINCIPLES: With the challenges of the political GUIDING a meeting with National Treasury moment nearing the end of 2017, the PRINCIPLES ON THE and representatives of all provincial coalition focused on calling members RIGHT TO EDUCATION treasuries on the proposed revision of the national parliament to hold of the equitable share formula. [...] The EELC has contributed to the 2018, the EELC was asked to take the hensive letter to the Departments of coordination of the adoption confer- lead in coordinating discussions and Health and Education commending ence, set to take place in February drafting of the protocol dealing with the introduction of a policy, but also 2019 in Abidjan.

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