EELC Education Monitoring Brief – Issue 12| May 2021
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EELC Education Monitoring Brief – Issue 12| May 2021

1 June 2021


The committee was advised that given that the responsibility for ECD would be migrating to the DBE, the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education would be best placed to oversee the process of regulatory reform concerning the ECD-related clauses in the Amendment Bill. [...] On 19 May 2021, the Portfolio Committee on Social Development was advised by DSD that terms of reference concerning the scope and composition of the technical team, proposed by the committee to consider the ECD- related clauses in the Amendment Bill, had been drafted. [...] The WCED informed the committee that it was in regular discussions with Treasury to meet the infrastructure demands with the increase in learners in the province. [...] PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE ON BASIC EDUCATION- RESPONSE TO OVERSIGHT REPORT BY THE COMMITTEE On 18 May 2021, the DBE briefed the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education on their response to an oversight report submitted by the committee in respect of ET Thabane School in the Eastern Cape. [...] COMMENTS SUBMITTED ON THE PROPOSED REGULATIONS RELATING TO THE PROMOTION OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION, 2020 The Access to Information Network has submitted comments on the proposed regulations relating to the Promotion of Access to Information, 2020.

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