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Appendix - The HKIE Enginpreneurs Award 2021 (for HKIE members)

23 June 2021


Although the residents have to share the cost of installing the micro-hydropower generators, the electricity generated from the domestic sewage can be used for internal consumption or for sale to electricity company to their power grid. [...] The Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technique of metal 3D printing has been optimised to significantly reduce the production cost of the innovative generation of the 6 feet tall “copper man”. [...] The “3D Acu-Man” is instituted in the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences for the promotion to and education of the general public on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. [...] SNAPP is the culmination of their efforts and is currently housed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering with support from the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, at The University of Hong Kong. [...] Tung Chung East reclamation project pioneers the application of DCM technique in the context of earth retaining system, which is revolutionary in Hong Kong and has successfully built an innovated DCM retaining wall for the construction of a 16m wide 4-cell box culvert.

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

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