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Research Posters: Promoting key research findings of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC

24 June 2021


that summarised the opportunity to demonstrate the This collection summarises much latest science and lessons learned topics, methodology and of the CRC’s research and is an invaluable contribution to the on issues of most relevance to all key findings from across better understanding of natural conference attendees. [...] The model brings together the core documents and publications or email the researchers: features and benefits of a common understanding, language and practices used for CE for preparedness in Australia and around the world. [...] However, in several cases evidence on the varying requirements depending on the type of disaster across the landscape, in the form of relationship between urban form elements is contentious, and the stage of risk management. [...] longer term changes in the public’s level of Figure 2: A new type of workplace leave, financial improved fire-fitness, and in the perception among incentives and synchronicity in the social the wider population of the need to adapt to a microclimate are some fire-fitness strategies to worsening natural hazard environment. [...] Aided by the passage Figure 3: The 400m for strong gradients in windspeed and vertical of a strong cold front, the fire burned into the simulation vertical velocity, with their movement generating highly town of Tathra during the mid-afternoon, leading velocity at 3.5km variable conditions at a point, as observed at to the evacuation of the township and the above sea level at Bega (figure 2), and.


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