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COVID-19 Recommendation Criteria for room air cleaners for particulate matter

16 March 2021


The effect of CADR for the unit(s) placed in the room on the overall level of pollutants present in the room depends on the size and ventilation rate (outdoor air) of the room. [...] The combined effect of the ventilation and air cleaner on the concentration of pollutants generated indoors is the sum of the CADR and the ventilation rate. [...] The sound pressure level in the room depends on the sound power and acoustic properties of the room. [...] The sound pressure values must be tested and stated for the effective CADR of the unit, so that users know the anticipated acoustic performance of the unit at the intended CADR. [...] Placement of the air cleaner In the performance test, the air cleaner is usually placed in the middle of the test chamber.


Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers

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