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On 21 to 25 June, Ministerial-level Thematic Forums will be convened, bringing together key

22 June 2021


Further, as the parallel processes to strengthen commitments on climate and define the global biodiversity goal will unfold in the coming months, it is vital that the Dialogue acknowledges the connection between the two and its implications for the energy agenda. [...] Phase out existing power generation based on coal in OECD and EU countries by 2030 at the latest, and by 2040 at the latest for other countries; Recommendation 3: Rapid increase in investments in renewable energy projects with least harm to nature, and energy efficiency measures that will reduce and replace the need for use of fossil fuels. [...] These common benchmarks must uphold the ILO guidelines for just transition and recognize the need for energy transitions to end all fossil fuel use on a specified timeline, to be sustainable and in line with the Paris Agreement to limit global average temperature rise to 1.5℃, aligning wholly with and promoting progress on all SDGs. [...] Recommendation 2: Establish capacity building networks and platforms to elaborate common standards and best practices; especially on participation, implementation and monitoring; informing the inclusive and transparent development and implementation of place-based, just energy transition strategies at national, subnational, local and company level that support the achievement of the SDGs. [...] Recommendation 3: Uphold the ‘polluter pays’ principle in policies and the development of strategies while investing in frameworks to enable inclusive, job-creating development through the expansion of clean and sustainable production and innovation.


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