Government Gazette Staatskoerant R E P U B L I
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Government Gazette Staatskoerant R E P U B L I

19 March 2021


Although the contact person’s name on the letter may be of an existing official, the contact details on the letter are not the same as the Government Printing Works.’ When searching on the Internet for the address of the company that has sent the fake tender document, the address does not exist. [...] The Adobe form supplied is uploaded by the Contact Centre Agent and the system automatically calculates the cost of your notice based on the layout/format of the content supplied. [...] 119 of 1990), the Board hereby imposes the following levies and tariffs in respect of each of the products specified in the tables, which may be exported from the Republic of South Africa. [...] The Commission may verify the information at the premises of the party submitting the information, within a short period after the submission of the information to the Commission. [...] If the required information and arguments are not received in a satisfactory form within the time limit specified above, or if verification of the information cannot take place, the Commission may disregard the information submitted and make a finding on the basis of the facts available to it.

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