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PolicyManual - Official policies of the - 2020 Edition - Michigan State Medical Society

23 February 2021


The content of CME is Physician Not Labeled as Provider that body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and MSMS opposes the current custom by government and accepted by the profession as within the basic medical sciences, insurance companies of labeling physicians as providers and the discipline of clinical medicine, and the provision of health encourages proper identification of physician. [...] โ€“ Edited 2016 Expected Results of Program: The Committee expects that the Resolution Status Reports programs will contribute to cost effective care for the well-being The author of any resolution submitted to the MSMS House of of patients and the public; stimulate clinical competency; and Delegates shall receive an update on the status of his or her provide quality Category I CME activities that g. [...] (Res81-90A) MSMS supports and will advocate for the restoration of funding โ€“ Edited 1998 by the State of Michigan for public guardians to serve in this Government Financed Health Care valuable capacity in order to improve the health and treatment The only purpose of government medical care programs for for vulnerable patients in times of incapacitation. [...] Unauthorized Files and Investigations by the Bureau of (Prior to 1990) Occupational and Professional Regulations, Office of Health โ€“ Edited 1998 Services Guardianship Guidelines MSMS is opposed to unauthorized investigations of physicians MSMS supports the creation and/or adoption of national and the unauthorized development of files against physicians standards for guardianship programs, appropri. [...] (Board-July2018) Optometry: Scope of Practice Expansion MSMS opposes allowing optometrists to expand their scope of Medical Staff Privileges for Allied Health Professionals practice to include the use of therapeutic drugs, and to expand MSMS urges (1) Michigan physicians to examine the credentials the area that they may examine from the eyeball to the area and privileges of allied health professio.


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