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OHTN Quarterly Report: Q4 January 1 – March 31, 2018 STRATEGIC DIRECTION ONE:

23 April 2018


If the pragmatic “real-world” models to evaluation results indicate that the project has the desired impact implement them consistent with on HIV prevention and retention in care, then the OHTN will work goals 2.2b and 4.2c of the HIV/AIDS with MLMC to try to ensure sustainable funding (past the 18 to 24- strategy in Ontario. [...] Policy and System Initiatives Supporting the Use of NARCAN® Nasal Spray in Ontario IMPACT: In Q4, OHTN was asked by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care to Short-term outcome: review the evidence comparing the efficacy of NARCAN® Nasal Spray to A new safe and effective established injectable treatments for opioid overdose. [...] In the final months of the This initiative “explores a project, the partners will work together to review the outcomes of this mechanism to ensure timely pilot and, if successful, to identify ongoing sustainable funding for this role. [...] access to a range of supportive The OHTN is providing an incubator grant of $110,000 a year for up to two services for people newly years to support the project, and is playing a key role in developing the diagnosed with HIV,” in keeping contract for the linkage coordinator and supporting implementation. [...] The small working group convened by the OHTN on linkage to care has identified other issues to be addressed including: a registry of physicians who are able to take new patients, access to social work / mental health services for primary care practices in the city, the prevention and access to care issues facing visa students, services for high-risk negatives and the potential to link with the pee.


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