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Employer Attitudes Towards Hiring Newcomers and International Students in the Atlantic Provinces

20 May 2021


One of the chief solutions for this problem is to increase the number of immigrants to improve the demographic outlook of the region; the remote nature of the Atlantic provinces, combined with immigrants’ tendency to seek residency in larger cities such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, results in fewer immigrants to these provinces than to the rest of Canada. [...] To address the declining labour force and alleviate skills shortages and skills mismatch, all four Atlantic provincial governments have introduced population and/or immigration strategies to increase the quantity and improve the quality of the labour force, including enhancing the participation rate of untapped sources of labour, re-skilling/upskilling the existing labour force, and attracting a n. [...] With the increasing diversity of the Canadian workforce, the understanding and implementation of diversity management and training and the construction of an inclusive organizational culture are crucial for fully utilizing the human capital of immigrants and international students, enhancing their creativity, and fostering a deeper understanding of the global marketplace (Robinson & Dechant, 1997). [...] 2.4 The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the labour market While the major parties mentioned above have been concerned about the increasing workforce shortages at all skill levels, the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world, causing severe economic and social disruptions and dramatic changes in the supply and demand of the workforce, many of which are the result of new social distancing. [...] The latest research suggests that the extent of the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic on the economy will be determined by the underlying properties of the virus, policy responses, and the corresponding behaviour of consumers and corporations in response to the crisis (Carlsson-Szlezak et al., 2020).



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