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Chapter in Edited Volume - Working Title: Breaking the Silence: Institutional Responsibility in Wome

13 May 2021


The edited collection is guided by the following questions: What are the experiences of women during their promotion to full professor? How do university structures, practices, policies, and norms affect women’s moving up the ranks from associate professor to full professor by both presuming and reproducing gendered and racialized inequity? How do associate professors navigate the institutional te. [...] We expect to capture a range of experiences recognizing the variations in structure of higher education, promotion criteria, and types of institutions across countries of focus in this edited collection. [...] We focus on promotion to full professor because the gender gap in the rank of full professor, the top of the academic hierarchy, persists globally, despite the reduction of the gender gap in other locations on the academic career ladder. [...] In India, women are concentrated at the lower end of the hierarchy in the rank of assistant professor at 43.9%. [...] Dominant accounts for gendered and racialized academic career advancement rarely implicate universities’ responsibility for the ways 1) gendered and racialized norms are embedded in institutions and play out as bias or 2) the structures, practices, and policies of academia systematically devalue the work of women and restrict their opportunities (Britton 2017; Stewart and Valian 2018).


British Sociological Association