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22 April 2021


This book is aimed at inaugurating a new frontier of research within leisure studies; one that does not simply report findings about children’s everyday leisure but fosters a holistic understanding of children’s leisure from a cross-cultural perspective. [...] Drawing attention to children’s leisure – across multiple genres such as organized leisure, sports, family-based leisure and digital leisure - and doing so from a holistic and comparative perspective has the potential to drive a new wave of research that speaks simultaneously to leisure studies and childhood studies, and contributes to key debates around leisure inequalities, children’s agency and. [...] We welcome scholars to think about children’s leisure geographies and experiences as situation social phenomenon and embed their analysis in wider considerations around the meanings and histories of leisure within their relevant social context. [...] Whilst children’s leisure is often viewed through the lens of child development and wellbeing, we are interested in more critical and historicized understanding of what leisure in general and children’s leisure in particular means in a given context? What sets of social relations and power dynamics are produced within children’s leisure spaces? How do children make sense of, create meaning around. [...] Chapters might revolve around, but by no means restrict themselves to, the following thematic areas: • Children’s leisure and social inequalities • Leisure-based parenting/grandparenting practices • Children’s leisure and global capital • Children’s right to leisure • Gendering and children’s leisure • Race, (post)colonialism, and children’s leisure • Comparative study of children’s leisure cultur.


British Sociological Association


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