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Workplace Violence Prevention Standards

16 June 2021


(See also EC.04.01.01, EP 1) Note: A worksite analysis includes a proactive analysis of the worksite, an investigation of the hospital’s workplace violence incidents, and an analysis of how the program’s policies and procedures, training, education, and environmental design reflect best practices and conform to applicable laws and regulations. [...] Requirement EP 29: As part of its workplace violence prevention program, the hospital provides training, education, and resources (at time of hire, annually, and whenever changes occur regarding the workplace violence prevention program) to leadership, staff, and licensed practitioners. [...] The training, education, and resources address prevention, recognition, response, and reporting of workplace violence as follows: - What constitutes workplace violence - Education on the roles and responsibilities of leadership, clinical staff, security personnel, and external law enforcement - Training in de-escalation, nonphysical intervention skills, physical intervention techniques, and respon. [...] Incorporating violence prevention tools and encouraging the use of a simple and accessible reporting process can ultimately reduce the likelihood of health care staff being victims of workplace violence. [...] Requirement EP 9: The hospital has a workplace violence prevention program led by a designated individual and developed by a multidisciplinary team that includes the following: - Policies and procedures to prevent and respond to workplace violence - A process to report incidents in order to analyze incidents and trends - A process for follow up and support to victims and witnesses affected by work.



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