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Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah, Israel, Gaza There is a lot going on in Israel right now and the barrage of information can feel

12 May 2021


The residents fled to the western part of the city when it was divided in the War of Independence, and the Jordanian government allowed Arab families who had fled from West Jerusalem to live there. [...] The stated reason was disagreement over the voting rights of East Jerusalem Palestinians, but many believe the PA feared that Hamas would win the election so they called it off.) Hamas had threatened to retaliate if the PA postponed the elections, and when the postponement was announced, Hamas seems to have set out to assert its role as the true representative of the Palestinian people. [...] The legal debate A 1970 Israeli law is at the center of the legal debate over the evictions of the 58 Palestinians. [...] In the sky of the Old City a kite At the other end of the string, a child Page 8 of 11 Sheikh Jarrah: The Story Behind the Story • Unpacked for Educators 5/10/21, 12:57 PM I can’t see because of the wall. [...] The route of the march goes from downtown Jerusalem to the Western Wall in the Old City, and it typically goes through the Muslim quarter of the Old City (this year the route was changed for security reasons).


Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago

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