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NARF Annual Report 2020


The Court will allegations relating to the Tribe’s injuries and the Tribe’s schedule motions to introduce non-record evidence in the pumping of groundwater, and to more accurately frame the Tribal Group C claims once it has issued its phase 3 part 1 issue of the ownership of the pore space under the reserva- rulings related to these claims. [...] The federal govern- agreement and authorize appropriations to develop the water ment, the state, and the local watershed district all concede rights through the creation of water infrastructure and reser- the existence of the Tribe's senior Indian reserved water rights; voirs on the Tule River Reservation. [...] The federal team promised to be In September 2016, the Tribe and the state executed a settle- done with the study by November 2015 so that the Tribe could ment agreement that includes a negotiated water right for the proceed to negotiate an appropriate settlement to present to Tribe, as well as all of the details for the administration of the Congress. [...] unfortunately, the Trump cupied lands of the united States and remanded the case to Administration moved forward to authorize leases and explo- the Wyoming courts; NARF represented the Crow Tribe as ration activities in the Arctic Refuge prior to the January 20 amicus curiae in that case. [...] the Hopi, Zuni, and ute Mountain ute Tribes, NARF sued the Administration for violations of the Antiquities Act, the In June 2017, the court issued a favorable ruling for the Tribes, Separation of powers, the property Clause and the finding that the Corps “did not adequately consider the Administrative procedures Act.


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