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OHTN Quarterly Report: Q2 October 1 – December 31, 2018 STRATEGIC DIRECTION ONE: Gather and Analyze Data on the HIV

11 February 2019


The Endgame New funding tools for OHTN that program aims to build stronger links between the needs and allow us to channel research priorities of our network and funded research initiatives enhancing capacity and expertise in Ontario to the impact of funded projects. [...] In-depth meetings with key presenters and working groups on local projects allowed our anti-stigma campaign group to gather information on the Can’t Pass It On cam- paign in the UK, and the Ontario PrEP roll-out project to learn about the logistics of the massive roll-out of PrEP in New South Wales. [...] Interventions to Reduce Drug-Related Stigma Short-term outcomes: Stigma among health care providers towards people who use Options for community-based drugs is well-documented in the literature and can result in planners to consider implementing barriers to health care access and poor health outcomes for approaches to minimizing the risks people living with and at risk of HIV. [...] 4 ASO and Community Initiatives Linkage to Care Training and Support Building on the Engagement in Care Workshop for ASO workers held Short-term outcome: at the Endgame conference, the OHTN’s ASO and Community Support for Ontario ASO Initiatives (ACI) team has begun intensive work to build ASO worker workers in building competencies related to engagement in care. [...] The OHTN is now working with the Ministry (AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs) to evaluate the role and structure of the teams and how they could be adapted, to reflect changes in treatment and client needs.


Ontario HIV Treatment Network