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28 May 2021


In light of these developments, this Policy Note assesses the likely impact of using visa leverage to increase the number of people returned and deported from the EU and the risks attached to pursuing this strategy. [...] First, the prospect of visa-free travel and/or eventual accession to the EU for the countries concerned does not exist for other third countries and, thus, the related motivation for governments to cooperate on readmission and ability to explain the need to do so to their constituents does not apply in other contexts. [...] Using it as an indicator of the effectiveness of return can be misleading due to how the rate is calculated and due to how Member States issue return decisions and to whom, as the Implementation report of the Returns Directive demonstrates. [...] As the recently published Strategy on Voluntary Return and Readmission states β€œTo measure the real success of a return policy, it is nevertheless important to not only consider the return rates but also the situation of the individuals concerned, enabling their return in a dignified manner and taking into account their reintegration prospects once they return to their country of origin.” The fact. [...] To the European Parliament: Β» Request that the European Commission and the EAS develop a risk analysis to weigh the impact of any visa measures against potential risks, which should be provided to the European Parliament before any measure is taken; Β» Where visa measures are taken, ask the European Commission and the EAS to report on their impact beyond readmission alone to include risks for indiv.

European Council on Refugees and Exiles

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