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Growing Up in Ireland - COHORT ’98 - Design, Instrumentation and Procedures for Cohort ’98

21 May 2021


The principal aim of the study is to examine the factors which shape the development of children and young adults in contemporary Ireland and, through this, to contribute to the setting of responsive policies and to the design of services for them and their families. [...] 10 GROWING UP IN IRELAND • DESIGN, INSTRUMENTATION AND PROCEDURES FOR COHORT ’98 (CHILD COHORT) AT WAVE 4 (20 YEARS OF AGE) The bio-ecological model proposes studying development in context, placing the individual at the centre of the model and arguing that an individual’s developmental outcomes are influenced by a complex interplay of the biological make-up of the young adult and the environmenta. [...] These new entrants to the country since the recruitment of the sample are not part of the longitudinal population under consideration in the fixed panel design of the study. [...] The second set of weights and grossing factors was generated for use in analysis of 20- year-olds who were also interviewed at 9 years of age – the slightly larger group of 5,190 cases.3 The initial survey weight at wave 1 was designed to take account of non-response at the school and family level and adjust the responses to be representative of the population of 9-year-olds as a whole. [...] The purpose of this was to obtain consent and to complete the interview and, where possible, to obtain the current address of the Young Adult 7 EXCEPTIONS TO THIS WERE SITUATIONS WHERE THE STUDY TEAM BECAME AWARE OF A CHANGE OF ADDRESS SINCE THE INTERVIEW AT 17/18 YEARS OF AGE, POSSIBLY THROUGH RECEIPT OF A ‘CHANGE OF ADDRESS’ CARD FROM THE FAMILY OR YOUNG ADULT FROM THE 17/18-YEAR INTERVIEW.



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