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Polish Journal of - Political Science - Volume 6 Issue 2 (2020)

31 May 2021


It is also the aftermath of the division of Europe and the world into two opposing blocs: liberal-capitalist and Marxist, the decades that pass under the sign of the moral revolution, the intensification of protest movements, the crisis of culture and the loss of religious sense, progressive secu- larization, de-Christianization and Christianophobia, driv- ing the aspirations of Western civilizati. [...] Faced with the confrontation of the Emperor’s premise of the rationality of God’s nature with the radical transcend- ence, the absolute freedom of God, not even bound by the cat- egory of truth, the Pope formulated the following problem: Is the belief that unreasonable action is against God’s nature only a Greek concept, or is it always and by nature true?37 Due to the reference to the ancient tex. [...] Terrorism pictured by Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI 23 of Jesus.63 The theology of martyrdom, close to the Pope be- cause of the special love of the Fathers of the Church and personal experiences, requires a separate study.64 It is worth recalling the speech he made in 2004 on the occasion of the six- tieth anniversary of the landing of the Allied Forces in France. [...] As fundamental rights the Pope under- stood above all respect for the life of every human being from concep- tion to natural death, protection of the sanctity of marriage and children in the family, helping the poor, the oppressed and the weakest, especially those who are persecuted for their faith, and combating the negative effects of materialism; protection of the created world and the environ-. [...] The old continent, however, still retains its responsibility and mission, despite the crisis and the marked weakening of the importance of the Church in Europe in the universal Church.97 The reflections of the Bavarian theologian on the phenom- enon of terrorism continue to provide a necessary contribu- tion to the comprehensive understanding thereof.

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