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STATE OF POWER 2021 Coercive World

16 June 2021


The function of the police, of the army, of all the coercive arms of the state has to be understand within the racist architecture in which it emerged. [...] These in turn are contingent on the sky, the rain, the air and the water, the plants and the animals, things that we will no longer have the luxury of taking for granted in this century. [...] The main financial institutions involved in the arms trade are based in the US, France and the UK, and the top ten in the ranking of the main providers of finance to the industry worldwide are28 Vanguard, Black Rock, Capital Group, State Street, T. [...] Later, the involvement of the PMSC Blackwater in the occupation of Iraq and the massacre of civilians in Nisour Square in Baghdad turned the spotlight on these companies once again, reviving the debate on the use of mercenaries in wars. [...] This is the aspect of their involvement in public security that sparks the greatest opposition and alarm among human rights defenders and in civil society, to the extent that the United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries published a report in 2017 on the impacts of the privatisation of prisons and migrant detention centres on human rights.


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