Coherent Identifier About this item: 20.500.12592/4v4xsz

ISSN 2300-5599 no. 38 March 2021

30 March 2021


It is the reason why is so critical to the precious metals market to recover the elements and the obtained method makes the determination of concentration in materials easier and allows to have a parallel to XRF (confirmatory) technique. [...] The skin of cherry fruits contains the highest content of total polyphenolic compounds, followed by the flesh and the pit. [...] Changes in the Chemical Content and Polyphenol Oxidase Activity during Development and Ripening of Cherry Laurel Fruits Changes in the PPO activity and in the content of other chemicals during the development and ripening of cherry laurel fruits were investigated (Fig.1). [...] The activities of both isoenzymes increased in the fifth and sixth week, then they decreased in the seventh and eighth week of ripening. [...] The most significant inhibition of reduction of soluble solids and vitamin C and reduction of the PPO and POD activities was obtained in 10% CO2 group.


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