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Technical report on the update of the Climagine

1 June 2021


The absence of progress towards the ICZM Plan’s implementation and the quasi- inexistent ownership of the plan by the different stakeholders deviated the objective of Climagine process. [...] For example, in the case of coastal erosion, the Band of Equilibrium can be described by the population as the submersion of a specific landmark by water for the minimum threshold and the width of the beach on another landmark for the maximum threshold. [...] Conclusion Despite the specific context of the Kerkennah archipelago that led to a substantial adjustment of the Climagine approach, in particular the non-development of the sustainability indicators and the related amoeba diagram, Climagine provided a very useful framework for the structuring of the consultation process. [...] The consultations resulted in eight strategic recommendations aiming to mitigate the above-mentioned pressures through the restoration and / or preservation of ecosystems, the improvement of the existing infrastructure, the enhancement of the governance and the empowerment of local stakeholders (awareness raising, capacity building, etc.). [...] The joint and synchronized implementation of the respective steps of the Integrative Methodological Framework IMF and Climagine allows not only for the mutualization of resources but also for the amplification of advocacy at the ~ 12 ~ various levels (local and national) and consequently the enhancement of the ownership and the engagement of the stakeholders towards.