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Convergent acoustic community structure in South Asian dry and wet

16 June 2021


This suggests that the higher The findings above suggest that the two grassland biomes exhibit abundance of a few vocally common species in the dry grasslands similar overdispersed distributions of species in acoustic signal resulted in slightly lower evenness across the acoustic community space. [...] northwestern dry grasslands, is a compelling indicator of the Because of the multitude of threats facing tropical and subtropical presence of ‘niches’ in acoustic signal space. [...] shared vocal species between dry and wet grasslands), and the same range of principal component scores, calculated the average NND to evenness metrics EQ and Evar, (Smith and Wilson, 1996) using the codyn each of these communities, and then calculated the Z score of the observed (Hallett et al., 2020) package in R (R Core Team, 2013). [...] Signal parameter space and acoustic community structure In order to derive the signal space of wet and dry grasslands, we calculated Phylogenetic diversity note parameters for each species in the acoustic community using recordings After testing for patterns in community structure using the signal space of from the databases Xeno-Canto ( ) and AvoCet both acoustic communi. [...] Finally, to quantify whether the two acoustic communities exhibited recording per species, depending on the number of notes in the recordings; congruent phylogenetic structure, we calculated the PCD between the two we took care to digitize all notes in a species’ call or song) in Raven Pro 1.5 communities (Ives and Helmus, 2010), again using commands within the (Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology,.


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