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National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep – Improvement and Innovation Network NAPPSS-IIN Charter The Challenge: Public Health Burden of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)

5 June 2018


ix For this and many reasons, it remains critical to model safe sleep practices in the hospital setting and provide education for both infant caregivers and healthcare providers and ensure support of breastfeeding practices while maintaining safe sleep recommendations outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics to minimize risk of SUID or accidental falls. [...] NAPPSS-IIN Key Drivers for Improvement The NAPPSS-IIN driver diagram provides a concise summary of the factors that the NAPPSS-IIN faculty and expert panel believe – based on scientific evidence and the experience of other similar initiatives – are necessary and sufficient to achieve the collaborative aim. [...] These drivers will be reviewed and updated yearly as the project moves forward in order to reflect the collective learning of the collaborative faculty and teams, including a prioritization of the highest leverage factors to achieve the intended aim. [...] Team Requirements and Expectations of Participating Organizations All members of the hospital team will need to commit significant time and effort to participate in the NAPPSS-IIN Collaborative and all accepted hospitals must participate in the full duration of the collaborative, including attendance at one in-person learning session. [...] Specific requirements and expectations for participation include: Collaborative Activities: Participate in one project kick-off call and one Pre-work training call Perform and submit assigned Pre-work activities to prepare for the first Learning Session; Demonstrate a connection between the goals of the NAPPSS-IIN Collaborative and your hospital team’s goals Recruit a senior leader to serv.


National Institute for Children’s Health Quality