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ABOUT THE Rx FOR SUCCESS - Margaret Lapp Tricia Kirst, PNP

29 April 2020


Anticipatory Guidance” as About the Rx per Ken Tellerman, MD’s proposal of better pediatric care for Success • Give the ROR book early in the appointment and the Rx for Success last to summarize your encouragements to families • A grant funded innovation- Combining Reach Out and Read at NHC with Help Me Grow and community connections • Purpose: To give you as a medical provider a meaningful and po. [...] • Main Goal: To routinize the interaction of sharing books and meaningful communication between parents and their children to realize all of the benefits that that entails How to utilize the Rx for Success • Visit your local library and museums: I. [...] Parents can take advantage of programs at local libraries and museums for infants, toddlers and pre-preschoolers • Great environment to learn and exercise their imagination How to utilize the Rx for Success • Signature: I. [...] VERY IMPORTANT reminder to providers that this is a very personal gift • Signature signifies encouragement and endorsement that we are giving to our families • Research shows that YOUR WORDS MATTER- ROR evidence is parents read to their children 2.5x’s more and that children’s receptive and expressive language is 6 month ahead d/t the intervention & our advice How to utilize HMG side of Rx • The p. [...] The main point of this innovation: * Introducing HMG* • Website: A local, trustworthy medical grade resource to check into your child's development and source of activities to do with your child • 211 Access Line: A person who can answer any of your questions and connect you to local resources • HMG Facebook: Follow Help Me Grow on Facebook for information on development and activities happening i.


National Institute for Children’s Health Quality