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Tactics and Examples to Support Safe Sleep Conversations - All questions are taken from the NICHQ Webinar, Improving Infant Safe Sleep Conversations: Strategies for Helping Families Adopt Safe Sleep Habits

24 July 2018


Parents should continue to try to encourage a separate sleep surface and place the bassinet close to the bed, within arm’s reach, so they can still comfort the baby Stacy recommends the following conversational approach: I understand; what baby would not like to sleep close to their mother? I am sure you are right about her sleeping better with you, but the concern I have is for her safety. [...] For example, tell them, “I will need to awaken both of you to ensure the baby is in a safe sleep position and environment while in the hospital. [...] What can you say to a parent who is adamant (even after discussing safe sleep education) about having the baby sleep with her in the bed because that is what she has done with her other children and she wants the baby close to her? A. [...] My personal experience is that the messenger needs to belong to the culture. [...] I realize it is tough, especially if you are in charge with the responsibility to educate, but building alliances to assist you in doing your job is a step in the right direction.


National Institute for Children’s Health Quality