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Updated Engagement Plan Template April 2021

29 April 2021


Recognizing that many aspects of a study’s engagement plan may change or further develop between the submission of the research application and the start of a study, PCORI requires awardees to submit an updated engagement plan within six months from the project’s contractual start date. [...] All sections of this template should be completed to the best of your ability and to the extent they are applicable to the engagement plan for your project. [...] This should be a comprehensive visual representation of all the entities involved in your study and should include stakeholders’ and investigators’ lines of communication and information flows, and how patient and other stakeholder partner groups report feedback to decision-making authorities on the study. [...] Please complete the table below: Stakeholder advisory How frequently are What is the purpose of body or other groups meeting or What is the setting? the meeting or engagement activity activities occurring? engagement activity? Describe the advisory Fill in the frequency of Detail the setting for What are your goals and body or other either the meeting or meetings and/or planned outcomes for the en. [...] Recruitment and Retention Please describe activities or strategies for stakeholders to support recruitment and retention of study participants (e.g., providing input on the design of study materials, participating in the content of recruitment videos, pilot-testing the recruitment script and process, selecting recruitment sites, or troubleshooting recruitment challenges).


Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute