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Language, Culture - and Identity Sc ientif

7 August 2020


Following French and British (particularly English)? Contemporary colonization in the 17th and 18th centuries, political trends at the international level French and English took centre stage in the also raise questions such as: how is the institutional life and political debates of the backlash against globalization and the rise of Canadian territory, Indigenous languages populism affecting the p. [...] status of French-English bilingualism to the Moreover, in Quebec, until the 1960s, rank of fundamental right by incorporating French and English had an equal status in a set of linguistic provisions in the Charter public institutions, but English dominated of Rights and Freedoms, notably the right the economic spheres and the francophone of every individual Canadian to use French majority was in a. [...] Over time, the demographic and and management? What would it take cultural makeup of the territory diversified for Canada to be a world leader of as a result of settlers’ importation of slaves multilingualism? from Mozambique, Madagascar, the East Indies and India, the eastward expansion 3 Linguistic pluralism and of the colony and the latter’s conquest by the British47multilingualism in South Afr. [...] From 1948 to 1994, the policies as a consequence, “the state must take pursued by the apartheid regime resulted in practical and positive measures to elevate the enhancement of the status of Afrikaans the status and advance the use of these in South Africa, increasing its use and languages”57. [...] of Rights, the Constitution “protects the At the same time, “Afrikaans became rights of individuals to use the language of associated with the apartheid regime their choice” and “to receive education in and was subsequently stigmatized as the the official languages or language of their ‘language of the oppressor’”54.


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